Avoid Foreclosure


You Cannot Hide from a Foreclosure

As much as you might like to, you cannot hide from a foreclosure. Once a lender decides to file in court, there is no turning back. Lenders will typically begin the process after you miss several payments and do not make any attempts to bring your payments up to date. Federal and state laws require that your lender inform you of its attempts to collect and when it files in court. You must then respond to the notice from the court and attend the proceedings. If you keep hiding from those notices and appearances, you have no chance of saving your home. Read more…

Stop Foreclosure


Are You Facing a Foreclosure?

Facing a foreclosure can leave you feeling more stressed than you ever felt before. You might find yourself constantly worrying about what will happen to your family and where you will go. With a foreclosure, the bank has the legal right to take over ownership of your home after you cease making your payments. While some lenders will work with you and give you additional time, the longer you wait, the more problems you will have. Here at the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, P.C., we can help you learn how to stop foreclosure today. Read more…

Loan Modification


Do You Have Problems Paying Your Mortgage?

There are hundreds of reasons why you might have problems paying your home loan. During the recession, hundreds of people found themselves underwater, which means that they owed more on their homes than what those homes were worth. A medical problem that kept you from working, major changes in your personal life or changes in your professional life can all reduce the amount of money you have available to pay your mortgage. Here at the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, P.C., we can help you learn more about loan modification programs that can help you reduce your payments. Read more…

Foreclosure Defense Attorney


Get Help from an Expert Foreclosure Defense Attorney

If your lender is trying to foreclose on your house, you will do everything you have to in order to stop them. One of the best ways to stop foreclosure efforts in their tracks is to hire a foreclosure defense attorney. When you want one of the best foreclosure law firms around, turn to the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, P.C. At our law office, you will find the ultimate in legal representation to ensure that you retain possession of your home. Call us to learn more at (888) 445-0234. Read more…

Foreclosure Prevention


Are You Facing Foreclosure?

The great housing crash of the 2000’s has left many homeowners in New York and New Jersey underwater and behind on their house payments. Whether you have lost your job and have not been able to pay the mortgage, or you have decided that it does not make sense to make payments on a $500,000 note that is only worth $300,000, the Law Office of Yuiry Moshes, P.C. can work with you and your lender to try and broker a solution that is amenable to both parties. Foreclosures are less than desirable for both a lender and a homeowner, and we have successfully worked with banks in the past to modify the terms and conditions of loans in order to let people stay in their beloved houses when they fall behind on their payments. Read more…