When Terminated From a Job

When you are terminated from a job, there are many issues and roadblocks that you may have to deal with. The stress of termination alone is heavy, but if you were subject to Wrongful Termination due to Discrimination there might be legal options for you.

If you believe that you were terminated based on your age, sex, race, pregnancy, ethnicity or national origin, sexual orientation, or disability, a Wrongful Termination suit may be a way for your to reconcile the loss of your job and the impact it has had on your finances. Certain evidence that you could use in your case include but are not limited to:

* A spoken or written statement by a manager/supervisor telling you the reason for your termination (i.e. Is it based on discrimination?).
* Circumstantial evidence such as your status as a member of a protected class and/or someone from an unprotected class coming in to fill your position. If you were correctly qualified for the job you were performing this could also serve as circumstantial evidence.
* If you were fired after making or filing complaint(s) of discrimination.

* Your employer made regularly discriminatory comments to which you objected.
* If you were demoted or fired after announcing your pregnancy or disability.

Disability Guidelines

The guidelines for disability are a shade different but just as applicable when it comes to a Wrongful Termination case. Evidence includes but is not limited to:

* You were fired after requesting reasonable accommodation for your disability.
* The termination occurred due to you taking time off from work due to your disability.
* You were fired soon after revealing your disability.

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