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Unpaid Minimum Wage & Overtime
Employment Discrimination:
Race, Gender, Age, Pregnancy, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation


The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (B.A., 2002)
Touro Law School: awarded a Merit Scholarship and the CALI Award for Best Oral Advocate (J.D., 2006)

Jeffrey T. Rosenberg is an experienced New York employment discrimination attorney at the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, P.C. where his practice is focused on representing workers in employment litigation matters. His cases include discrimination claims based on race, gender, age, pregnancy, national origin, religion, disability, and sexual orientation, as well as claims for unpaid minimum wage and overtime. Mr. Rosenberg has also worked on whistleblower retaliation actions involving financial fraud as well as health and safety violations against both municipalities and private entities.

Mr. Rosenberg is dedicated to fighting for the rights of employees, and understands that suing one’s employer is a highly stressful process. A strong and clear communicator, he works closely with his clients, helping them understand the strategy and steps necessary to pursue their cases and gathering important factual details from them regarding their claims. His skill and knowledge allow him to draft successful pleadings and provide effective representation through all phases of litigation.

Mr. Rosenberg is a graduate of The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (B.A., 2002) and Touro Law School (J.D., 2006). In law school, he was awarded a Merit Scholarship and the CALI Award for Best Oral Advocate.

Prior to joining the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, Mr. Rosenberg worked for several New York City litigation firms representing employees. During this period, Mr. Rosenberg also maintained his own practice, providing legal advice and counseling to small businesses on employment law matters. In this role, he assisted employers with employment agreements, classification of exempt/nonexempt employees, protection of trade secrets, anti-discrimination policies, grievance procedures, employee performance issues, progressive disciplinary policies, wage and hour issues, time and leave issues, and workplace safety issues.

This experience offered him the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of employment law from many angles in addition to the plaintiff’s perspective. As a result, Mr. Rosenberg is able to spot potential issues in employment cases that might slip by lawyers with a lesser knowledge of transactional law and business practices. These crucial insights give him an edge in developing comprehensive litigation strategies when filing suit against powerful employers.

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