Business Bankruptcy


Perhaps you’ve started a business and all went well for a while, but like many others in this struggling economy, your business began to flounder. You might not be able to pay your business debts, and you might be incurring more losses than profits. There is no need to panic because there is relief set in place if you need it in the form of business bankruptcy. Although the process of getting bankruptcy relief for a business is somewhat similar to getting relief for an individual, there are some noted differences. An experienced law office like that of the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, P.C. has the skills and knowledge needed to guide your business throughout the bankruptcy process. Call us today at (888) 445-0234.

Factors Affecting Business Bankruptcy


Like personal bankruptcy, various factors affect whether or not you should file for bankruptcy for your business. Some of the most notable factors that affect a business’s bankruptcy include what the legal form of your business is (for example, is it a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation?), whether you are personally reliable for any of the business’s debts, whether you want to terminate the business or keep it running and how many and what type of debts the business has.

Experienced Team of Attorneys

Any time you enter a courtroom, you always want to ensure that you have an experienced team of attorneys on your side. When you seek out the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, P.C., you can be ensured that you’ll be working with true professionals who have plenty of bankruptcy cases under their belts to validate their credentials. All our attorneys are among the best in their field, and they all possess the appropriate licensing and certification to practice the areas of law that they do. With us on your side, you can be assured that you have a winning team.

Dedicated to Clients

Part of what makes our law office stand out is our dedication to our clients. No matter what you want to do concerning your business, we have your best interests at heart. For instance, if you want to file bankruptcy and keep your business running, we’ll work aggressively to make that happen. If you’re not satisfied with the verdict that we get you, we’ll keep working until you are because making our clients happy is our number one priority. Call the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, P.C. today at (888) 445-0234.

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    Thanks to the Professionalism and Outsanding Customer Sevice demonstrated by The Law Office of Yuiry Moshes. I've completed many Real Estate Transactions in my years as a NYS Licensed Salesperson and Real Estate Broker. I congratulate your organization for the attention to detail and integrity you company displays.

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    We had a great experience with the office of Yuriy Moshes during the purchase of our home. Mr. Moshes or his colleagues were quick to respond to any questions or concerns during the process. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others. Thanks a lot!

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    Hired Yuri to help me through coop purchase process. Yuriy and his staff answered all my questions promptly, I've had attorneys in the past that once paid would take their time and de prioritize your mails, etc..Not the case here. My initial purchase wound up folding week before scheduled closing date due to seller negligence. Almost a year later, I received same level of effort from Yuriy second time around, closed, and am very happy with professionalism and expertise provided.