Discrimination in the workplace occurs where an employer bases promotions, salary, and hiring on something that’s beyond an individual’s control, like gender, race, and age. Decisions about your employment should be based on your ability to do your job. Gender discrimination and other forms of discrimination in employment violate state and federal law. The Civil Rights Act addresses the various types of workplace discrimination. For instance, it’s against the law to deny anyone employment because they are pregnant. Our Brooklyn gender discrimination attorneys are well versed in the law and can assist you in holding the violating employer accountable.

Forms of Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination includes sexual harassment and discrimination based one’s sex. It can also include discrimination against pregnancy and other medical conditions. Additionally, discrimination based on gender identification or sexual orientation may be considered gender discrimination. These practices are in violation of the law in the state of New York.

Identifying Instances of Gender Discrimination

Sexual harassment occurs, in some instances, when someone is harassed because of his or her gender. It can take many forms. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) does not prevent offhand comments, teasing and joking. However, repeated cases of offensive comments and sexist remarks may be considered sexual harassment. Other forms of harassment that may occur at your workplace include physical harassment, verbal harassment, unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate touching, and request for sexual favors.

Most cases of sexual harassment involve women and men. Nevertheless, harassment may also occur between individuals of the same gender. This is another kind of gender discrimination, which may warrant a lawsuit or legal claim. According to studies by the EEOC, gender discrimination happens when a person is treated poorly because of their gender. You can also be discriminated at your place of work because of your association with a group or organization that is linked to a particular gender.

Addressing Discrimination in Employment

Employers can easily address and prevent workplace discrimination. To resolve an employment dispute involving gender discrimination, an employer is required to offer additional training to his/her employees. This way, employees will understand their right to an environment that’s free from any form of discrimination.

Our Brooklyn gender discrimination attorneys can train employees and managers in the prevention of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. This will help your company in the long run as you’ll reduce the risk of allegations of gender discrimination. Employers have to take the necessary steps to ensure that they offer a safe working environment.

In case you’ve faced any form of discrimination at your workplace, you need to speak up. You have a right to seek justice. Our Brooklyn gender discrimination attorneys can help you take swift legal action. Attorneys at our law firm are always ready to fight for your rights as an employed individual.

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