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More than 50 years after enactment of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, there continues to be a large volume of race discrimination lawsuits filed against employers each year. Diversity in the workplace has been emphasized in the public eye over the last several decades and the importance of steering clear of policies, practices and procedures that result in an unintentional disparate impact on minority workers. To keep your employees happy and your business within the law, it is incumbent upon employers to avoid issues where race may be a factor. If you are facing a potential claim, contact our Brooklyn race discrimination defense attorneys.

Examples of Race Discrimination:

  • An individual is not interviewed or hired because of his or her race.
  • An employee is skipped over for a promotion because of his or her race.
  • An employee or group of employees is disciplined or trained in a different manner because of race.
  • An employee receives different treatment due to having an accent.
  • An employee is harassed because he or she is married to or has children with a person of another race.
  • A co-worker makes racial comments, insults or jokes.
  • An employee verbally or physically assaults an employee or coworker because of his or her race.
  • An employee is retaliated against for speaking out about race discrimination in the workplace.
  • An employee is terminated or disciplined for reporting that he or she has been discriminated against or harassed.

Our Brooklyn Race Discrimination Defense Attorneys

The bottom line is that a claim alleging race discrimination is serious and must be addressed swiftly. Our knowledgeable Brooklyn race discrimination defense attorneys have years of extensive experience representing employers in race discrimination claims brought by employees. We take pride in our aggressive and tactical defense strategies. We are prepared to take on even the most complex and contentious of race discrimination claims on your behalf. We will navigate you through each and every step of the process with your best interests at the forefront and battle to protect your business.

If your business needs a lawyer to defend against a race discrimination claim, our skilled race discrimination defense attorneys can help. The dedicated legal team at the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes will thoroughly investigate the claim or claims, present cost-effective strategic options, and stand by your side until to the end — even if that means litigation cannot be avoided. Call our Brooklyn race discrimination defense hotline at (877) 275-3004. We will advise you of your rights. The consultation is free.


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