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Law Office of Yuriy Moshes P.C. blog is a law firm blog for up to date content. Check back here often for news, legal developments and tips. We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading our blog. We welcome suggestions on topics you would like featured in the blog. Whether you are another lawyer, a current or past client, we look forward to a nice dialogue about today’s legal trends. We aim to update our blog on a weekly basis, and check out our Facebook page for legal tips of the day.

We specialize in the subjects of real estate, foreclosure defense, personal injury, labor and employment matters and civil litigation. Please see our posts related to these topics.

how to find out if a house is in foreclosure

Is My House In Foreclosure – How to Check The Foreclosure Status

After a historic two years of rustling amidst this Covid-19 pandemic where many people faltered on their expenses, especially as it relates to mortgage payments on a person’s home. Many of you may be wondering if your house has been listed for foreclosure due to the non-payment of your mortgages.  New York Foreclosure Attorney Free Consultation If you are not already aware, a foreclosure occurs where the mortgagee which is usually a bank, sells the collateral which is the home, t...

can i buy back my short sale home

Can You Purchase Your Home Back After a Short Sale?

Buying a home with a conventional mortgage is often a dream for many Americans and a good dream at that. Life happens, however, and extenuating circumstances may cause many homeowners finding themselves unable to make their mortgage payments. In an attempt to avoid losing their home to foreclosure, which often results in bad credit and higher interest rates, the homeowner will attempt to engage in a short sale. While a short sale is often a good idea, there are many predatory or flat out fraudu...

bankruptcy and foreclosure

Bankruptcy And Foreclosure. Chapter 7 Versus Chapter 13

Foreclosure is a scary prospect for any homeowner and can be a difficult situation to deal with. But it’s important to understand that there are a number of actions that a homeowner can take to mitigate the effects of or even stop a foreclosure. It may be surprising to learn that filing for bankruptcy, which for many carries a very negative connotation, can also help delay or even remedy foreclosure. This is not to say that filing for bankruptcy is at all ideal or the right course of action for...

foreclosure legal advice

Foreclosure Legal Advice

Foreclosures rarely come by surprise. Despite that, many homeowners find themselves unprepared to face the situation and make the best decisions for their families. Homeowners, however, are not to blame. The foreclosure process is unnecessarily complicated and can confuse even the most experienced homeowner. Thankfully, foreclosure attorneys deal with foreclosures every day and are experts in guiding homeowners through the process. Legal advice on foreclosure is available to all homeowners, and...

delay foreclosure

Foreclosure Delay Tactics to Get the Additional Time You Need

Home foreclosures have become part of everyday life for millions of Americans. Foreclosure rates have steadily increased over the past two decades. Homeowners in New York and surrounding areas have been hit especially hard. A common misconception is that homeowners facing foreclosure are lazy or irresponsible. That could not be further from the truth. In fact, the top reasons for foreclosure include: Adjustable rates that significantly increase payments.Medical illness or injuries and relate...

forged signature on loan modification

What to Do When Your Signature Was Forged On a Loan Modification

A loan modification is a change made to the terms of an existing loan by a lender, such as a bank or mortgage company. It may involve a reduction in the interest rate, an extension of the length of time for repayment, a different type of loan, or a combination of all three. If you find yourself a victim of forgery in that your signature was forged on a loan modification, that forgery is considered automatic fraud and you are not legally bound by that agreement. Although one would like that t...

mortgage coronavirus

Mortgage Forbearance and Covid-19

With the onslaught of COVID-19 devastating New York’s economy resulting in crippling both the employment and mortgage sectors of not only New York City, but throughout the entire state, many homeowners have had no choice but to forego their mortgage, resulting in late payments and unpaid monthly mortgages. In fact, nationally, in April of this year, there were a recorded 3.6 million Americans who were delinquent on their mortgage. This represents an increase of 6.45 percent in April, which was ...

verified answer to foreclosure complaint new york

What to Do If you Receive a Foreclosure Notice

With COVID-19 affecting not only New York’s job market and the economy, it has inevitably taken away jobs as well. With unemployment benefits ending in New York State, many homeowners are finding themselves still jobless, gone through most of their savings, and unfortunately, unable to pay their monthly mortgage. Although some homeowners with federal loan mortgages may be spared from being foreclosed on due to the federal CARES ACT, most homeowners who have private and non-federal mortgages are...

how long does the foreclosure process take

How Long Does The Foreclosure Process Take?

With increasing cases of COVID-19 still on the rise and New York still fearful that its numbers will also rise due to people from other states coming to New York, the state of financial affairs in New York is unsettling. COVID-19 left New York and NYC’s economy in shambles, despite its attempt to pick up the pieces. What’s more, many New Yorkers have been unable to meet their mortgage payments. Now they are facing foreclosure and losing their home. New York Foreclosure Attorney Free Consulta...


Understanding Your Foreclosure Rights

Paying off your mortgage every month can be a very daunting task, especially if you miss a payment and are unable to pay your mortgage. Most homeowners or borrowers believe that if you miss a payment you may as well throw in the towel and agree to give up your home. Fortunately, however, in reality, this is the furthest thing from the truth. These lenders, whether it’s the bank or mortgage company, must strictly adhere to the judicial foreclosure process. Accordingly, this process will allow you...