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Law Office of Yuriy Moshes P.C. blog is a law firm blog for up to date content. Check back here often for news, legal developments and tips. We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading our blog. We welcome suggestions on topics you would like featured in the blog. Whether you are another lawyer, a current or past client, we look forward to a nice dialogue about today’s legal trends. We aim to update our blog on a weekly basis, and check out our Facebook page for legal tips of the day.

We specialize in the subjects of real estate, foreclosure defense, personal injury, labor and employment matters and civil litigation. Please see our posts related to these topics.

NY overtime lawyers,unpaid wages lawyer NYC

Overworked and Underpaid: The Story of New York and New Jersey Overtime Laws

Sometimes we have to work overtime and when we do this, we expect extra money. What if your employer doesn’t pay you anything extra when you are forced to work overtime? You should know your rights and how New Jersey and New York overtime laws protect you. Overtime pay refers to the additional compensation owed by employers to eligible employees who have worked more than 40 hours in a workweek. Free Unpaid Wages Lawyer NYC Consultation Interestingly, though, this workweek doesn’t necessarily h...

non compete attorney

What You Need to Know About Non Compete Agreement in New York

Although they can be advantageous for employers, non-compete agreements can be extremely detrimental to employees. They narrow career paths, block opportunities, and force employees to stay in undesirable jobs. New York Non Compete Attorney Free Consultation Non-compete agreements can also affect third parties, like customers and patients, who might find their former hairdresser or doctor refusing to provide service or care solely due to the fact that he or she signed a non-compete a...

EEOC Right-to-Sue Letter and a Federal Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

EEOC Right-to-Sue Letter and a Federal Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

Employment discrimination law can be very complicated and has many subtle features of which it can be difficult to keep track. Let’s assume that you have been discriminated against by your employer, received a Right-to-Sue letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), and now need to file a federal employment discrimination lawsuit. In New York, you must file a Charge of Discrimination with the EEOC within 300 days of the last discriminatory act. We recommend that you first c...

criminal record and employment discrimination, Criminal Conviction Discrimination

Employment Discrimination on the Basis of Criminal History

Illegal employment discrimination on the basis of criminal convictions is more common in New York than many want to believe. For those with criminal records, especially felony records, reintegration into society can be very difficult. If you have a criminal record, do not lose hope that you will be treated fairly be employers. But if you have been stigmatized by your prior conviction in the job market, you should get a labor lawyer nyc free consultation to determine if you have a legal claim. F...

same sex sexual harassment

Title VII Same-Sex Sexual Harassment

Despite the existence of laws prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace, sexual harassment is nonetheless very common, including same-sex sexual harassment, gay harassment at work, male on male harassment, and woman on woman harassment. While sexual harassment federal law does not explicitly prevent LGBT gender based harassment in the workplace, more and more courts are ruling that sexual harassment Title VII law applies equally to same sex harassment. These new legal developments were caus...

Disability Discrimination Lawyers NYC: Being Employed with a Disability

Disability Discrimination Lawyers NYC: Being Employed with a Disability

Prior to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), discrimination in hiring, firing, and workplace conditions against the disabled occurred daily.  This discrimination happened in a widespread manner despite the fact that many persons with disabilities have a working functionality.  Disabilities are commonplace across the United States.  According to the 2011 American Community Survey, 37.3 million people in the country live with disabilities.  Of the working-age population, one-...

employment lawyer, employment law attorney

Temporary and Permanent Workers Have Rights Too

It is not uncommon, particularly in today’s political environment, to paint immigrants as having fewer rights than U.S. citizens. This is true in some respects. For example, DACA recipients are widely held to not enjoy rights to gun ownership under the 2nd amendment. Most workplace discrimination lawyers and wrongful termination lawyers know better. In the employment context, employment lawyers know that immigrant workers (both temporary and permanent) enjoy many of the same protections that Ame...

sexual harassment lawyers

Advice for the Everyday Victim of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Recent Hollywood celebrity harassment stories related to Harvey Weinstein have hit the news, but the issue of workplace sexual harassment is not new.  Rather, workplace sexual harassment is quite common and happens on a daily basis.  Even President Donald Trump has been accused of workplace sexual harassment in the past.  Additionally, investigations by human resources departments into allegations of workplace sexual harassment are often either slow or non-probing. Rose McGowan has called out Je...

wrongful termination lawyers NYC and NJ, employment lawyer NYC and NJ

When a Termination is Illegal – A Brief History of Employee Legal Protections

Most people dread getting fired from their job. Termination carries so many negative consequences from a lack of immediate income to the possibility of long-term placement issues. Under the American system of employment law; however, a termination is not always illegal.  Not even close.  In fact, most of the time, firing an employee is perfectly lawful.  The American employment system is commonly known as at-will employment--in other words, any employee can quit for any reason and anyone can be ...

Termination, Earned Wages, and Severance Pay: What You Need to Know

New York Federal Court Holds that Pre-Litigation FLSA Settlements Do Not Require Approval by the Court or DOL

In Gaughan v. Rubenstein, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 107042 (S.D.N.Y. July 11, 2017), the Southern District of New York held that a pre-litigation settlement agreement releasing an employer “from any and all claims and rights of any nature whatsoever” is fully enforceable even without being approved by a court or the Department of Labor (“DOL”). By way of background, Plaintiff worked as a paralegal for Defendant (an attorney) at the rate of $17.50 per hour, with overtime at $26.50 per hour. After D...