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Law Office of Yuriy Moshes P.C. blog is a law firm blog for up to date content. Check back here often for news, legal developments and tips. We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading our blog. We welcome suggestions on topics you would like featured in the blog. Whether you are another lawyer, a current or past client, we look forward to a nice dialogue about today’s legal trends. We aim to update our blog on a weekly basis, and check out our Facebook page for legal tips of the day.

We specialize in the subjects of real estate, foreclosure defense, personal injury, labor and employment matters and civil litigation. Please see our posts related to these topics.

What to Know About Employer Vaccination Requirements

What to Know About Employer Vaccination Requirements

With the omni variant quickly dominating the headlines this holiday season and with the COVID-19 virus still being a very major threat, whether you’re a business owner or an attorney, it is important to be aware of the current vaccination requirements for employers in New York City.  This is particularly important as the mayor of New York City has taken a tough stance when it comes to vaccinations and whether or not business can operate.  Accordingly, this article shall quickly address the high...

EEOC Updates Its Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccines Key Points

EEOC Updates Its Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccines: Key Points

Are Vaccine Mandates OK and What Are Reasonable Accommodations?  Many employers may be asking themselves if it is really OK to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine, and the answer is yes. The EEOC states that employers are allowed to require that any employees who physically enter the workplace be vaccinated against COVID-19 as long as the employer provides reasonable accommodations for their employees when necessary.  Reasonable accommodations are necessary for those who hold sincere r...

Effective communication for lawyers

Best Tips and Practices for Effective Communication for Lawyers

Communication is one of the most important skills a lawyer will use throughout their career. Whether in a courtroom, negotiating a settlement, writing a motion, or speaking with clients, lawyers use some form of communication every day. Effective communication for lawyers is a critical factor for success. How to Improve Client Communication Skills Lawyers spend a large portion of their day communicating with clients. Sometimes this is during client intake or the initial consultation, and ...

Legal time management

How To Schedule Your Day | Time Management for Lawyers

Being a lawyer can be tough, especially when you feel like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. We are here to help with simple, easy time management tips that can help.  Labor Lawyers in NYC Free Consultation Week Scheduling Starts With Each Day Good time management can help even the most stressed lawyer in the world feel more cool, calm, and collected and be more efficient. Every attorney at some point, regardless of the size of the firm in which the...

How to Settle Debt Due to Covid-19

How to Settle Debt Due to Covid-19

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak affecting the health of every city and community worldwide, many people throughout the country are also struggling financially. Many have lost their jobs entirely or have suffered loss of income. Many businesses have lost their client-base and are struggling to stay afloat. Accordingly, even with the federal stimulus, debt is slowly creeping up on every single American in this country. This is especially true for New York and New York City, which is especially a...

Law Office of Yuriy Moshes

Standing Strong Together

COVID-19 Hits New York and All of U.S. The coronavirus pandemic, otherwise known as COVID-19, has caused a nationwide shutdown of the country, including NY’s Governor Cuomo mandating that all schools and non-essential businesses be closed, and that all state residents remain in their homes until further notice. In order to bring much-needed financial aid to the nation, on 03/20/20, a two trillion dollar federal stimulus package was enacted to be distributed to every taxpayer in the U.S., people ...

What Every Employee Needs to Know About Wrongful Termination in New York

What Every Employee Needs to Know About Wrongful Termination in New York

If you have been a victim of wrongful termination of employment in the State of New York, then you should talk to the best New York wrongful termination lawyer to determine whether your employment has been ended lawfully or not. You should know, however, that terminating an employee in New York happens very often because this is an employment-at-will state, which means that the employer can easily lay you off. But, that doesn’t mean that any termination for cause in New York is lawful. After al...

real estate breach of contract

What to Do When There Is Breach of a Real Estate Contract By Buyer

This article shall address the questions and concerns when there is a breach of a real estate contract by a buyer. Selling a home can be troubling enough, but it can be even more worrisome when there is a real estate breach of contract. Understanding and being familiar with real estate contract law can be frustrating. Free Real Estate Breach of Contract Lawyer Consultation in NYC This article shall focus on the following points for a breach of contract case: What Is A Real Estate Breach of...

Bad legal writing, Tips for Legal Writing

Bad Legal Writing Explained and Tips for Legal Writing

Lawyers are famous for their use of complicated and hard to understand writing. Sometimes when ordinary people (read: non-lawyers) receive lawyers’ emails, documents or contracts they pass over the document without developing a deep comprehension of the material. They shrug that off because they expect legalese to be complex and think that it all must mean something. It sometimes doesn’t. The other day, a member of our marketing team was working on our most recent newsletter on “Mortgage Contin...

debilitating anxiety, lawyer depression, lawyer burnout

How Lawyers Can Avoid Burnout and Debilitating Anxiety

Lawyer burnout is not an uncommon trend, particularly among litigators who have pushed themselves beyond their limits. Attorneys regularly work stressful schedules often staying at work into the long hours of the evening.  Many attorneys cope with their debilitating anxiety and depression by starting bad habits that can cause serious long term mental, emotional, and even physical harm. Despite the lengthy schedules, debilitating anxiety, and high rates of lawyer burnout, does attorney menta...