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20 Tips to Prevent Construction Site Accidents

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construction accidents

Working in or being exposed to construction sites, not only can be very physically demanding, but also puts you at a high risk of being involved in numerous construction accidents. Sometimes, these accidents will not be your own fault; while other times, they may be. Moreover, construction site accidents are three times more likely to be as serious as office setting injuries. Accordingly, it is important to understand how best to avoid these injuries involving construction accidents, whether you are an employee at a construction site, or a passerby, and simply happen to be injured at a site at the time.

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This article will not only address construction injury prevention, safety procedures in construction, construction accidents and their causes, and how to prevent construction accidents, but also it will discuss the importance of consulting a New York construction accident lawyer.

1.Report dangerous working conditions.

Oftentimes, people, including employees, will not report any dangerous working conditions for fear of losing their job or because of their desire to not rock the boat and cause trouble for the employer. This is the last thing you want done when it comes to accidents in construction. If you see a hazard, you should report it right away and try to remove the dangerous condition. Not only will this benefit you, but also your coworkers.

2.Tool maintenance.

All tools, whether they are handheld or machine operated, should be inspected regularly and maintained to ensure that they are functioning properly and that they pose no danger to yourself or anybody else. This includes making sure that all electrical and gas-powered equipment are not defective. This is one of the best ways to prevent construction equipment accidents and construction accident NYC.

3. Adhere to OSHA guidelines.

According to the Occupational Health Safety Administration (OSHA), falls are the leading cause of construction site accidents resulting in injury or even death. It is a proven fact that workers who are even just six feet or more above a ground-floor level are at serious risk for major injury or death. Such injuries may come from roofs, scaffolding, and ladders. However, many falls are preventable if the OSHA guildelines are adhered to and notice is given to OSHA if any guidelines are being violated.. Accordingly, when it comes to accidents and their cause in construction, what’s the best way to prevent construction accidents?

Again, any and all work on the construction site should follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration protocol and recommendations in order to increase safety precautions in construction sites. These guidelines were meant to protect not only the employees on the construction site, but also the public involved with any construction accident NYC. If there is any doubt, you should also consult a construction accident lawyer to determine if any OSHA violations have occurred. A New York construction accident lawyer will be able to review the facts and the OSHA guidelines.

4. Cleanliness.

In order to avoid construction accidents and increase safety precautions in construction site, always try to maintain the cleanliness of the construction site by putting away tools and clearing debris to avoid slip and fall injuries.

5. Regular Safety Meetings.

How to prevent construction accidents and construction accident NYC? One of the most common causes for construction accidents is due to a lack of communication. Managers and crew leaders should hold daily meetings with their staff to not only discuss the progress of the project, but also to discuss potential hazards or dangerous activity that day, safety concerns, health and safety standards, and risk assessment. If employees are not informed properly or if they are unable to provide their own feedback to management, accidents are bound to occur.

6. Minimize Night Work.

Since working late hours, especially at night, creates a bigger environment for potential construction accidents to occur, night work should be limited as much as possible. The reason for the increase in accidents has to do with increased fatigue at night, not being as alert during the day, and a reduction in visibility.

7. Safety Gear.

When it comes to construction safety accidents, more often than not, construction equipment accidents have to do with a lack of proper safety gear. Either employers are not properly enforcing company policy by requiring the employees to wear their gear, or the employer cannot afford the proper gear to supply its workers. Either way, the employees suffer as a result. Some basic safety precautions include hardhats, eye protection, hearing protection and harnesses. Slip-resistant boots, heavy duty gloves and masks are also standard safety apparel that must be worn on all job sites.

8. Reflective Clothing.

In order to reduce construction accidents and accidents in construction, especially accidents due to motorists, highly visible or reflective clothing should be worn at all times, especially at night. Through simply being seen by drivers and equipment operators, workers are kept out of harm’s way, which can reduce the potential of getting hit.

9. Regular Breaks.

Working too long or not taking proper breaks can lead to overexertion and fatigue. Frequent breaks allow workers to re-energize by drinking fluids, eating snacks and resting. This helps them to remain focused, alert and avoids fatigue and mistakes which can occur due to exhaustion in a construction accident NYC.

10. Clear Signage.

Another tip when it comes to safety precautions in construction site is for there to be clear signs warning of any danger. Specifically, wires and high voltage areas should be marked and the electricity should be deactivated when it is not in use. To prevent people accidentally moving into areas where there are chances of falling debris or other dangerous hazards, areas should be cordoned off by pylons and ropes. Although simple signs with words like “Danger” are incredibly simple, they are necessary to help prevent construction site accidents.

11. Daily Warm-Ups.

In Japan, every morning before the work day begins, managers and their staff engage in calisthenics exercises in order to prevent construction accidents. Accordingly, before starting the day, workers should start with warm up or calisthenics exercises to keep the body fresh and agile as well as ensure the workers are fit for physical activity. This also helps them develop quicker reflexes as well as sharper minds.

12. Minimize Sunlight.

Since sunlight is one of the main causes of fatigue, you should try to avoid sunlight as much as possible. Accordingly, exposed skin needs to be covered up. Wide brimmed hard hats, long sleeved shirts and other skin protectors need to be used. Taking care of this will ensure that workers ensure maximum amount of productivity in addition to reducing fatigue and helping with construction injury prevention.

13. Defensive Driving/Parking/Backing Up.

One of the most common reasons for construction accidents or construction site accidents is due to vehicle accidents, such as forklifts or construction vehicles. Accordingly, for vehicle and machine operators, vehicle warning strobes are needed to warn approaching traffic, thereby requiring pylons, barrels, buffer zones, safety spotters and daytime running lights. Drivers should be instructed to slow down and to avoid backing up whenever possible. If backing up is needed, a spotter should be assigned.

14. Protective Clothing and Gear.

Another tip regarding how to prevent construction accidents is to utilize protective clothing and gear. This includes wearing loose and temperature appropriate clothing. Wearing clothing that does not protect against the elements will not only increase fatigue, but ultimately, cause them to lose their concentration and focus and thereby risk their chances of having an accident.

how to prevent construction accidents

15. Preventing Falls.

When it comes to a New York construction accident or implementing better safety procedures in construction, in order to avoid work injury falls and increase construction injury prevention, proper fall protection equipment should be implemented. In order to better implement safety precautions on a construction site, this may include the use of harnesses, adding toe rails around open platforms, installing handrails, and requiring personal protective gear.

16. Healthy Eating.

Eating lots of carbohydrates and high fatty foods can lead to an increase in drowsiness after meals. This will lead to a lack of alertness and could lead to an increase in construction accidents. Instead, light and grease-free food, such as salads, sandwiches, vegetables, and fruits should be consumed instead.

17. Proper Hydration.

Proper hydration prevents fatigue and increases concentration level, especially during the summer season. Hydration should be with water and citrus or natural juices rather than energy and carbonated drinks that provide a false sense of energy which can wear out in no time. Instead of soda and other carbonated drinks, water, citrus, and energy drinks should be used.

18. Proper Scaffolding.

In order to prevent construction equipment accidents, all scaffolding should be inspected to ensure that workers are properly tethered to the scaffolding in case a slip or fall is to occur. This tethering can be the difference between life and death for a worker working many stories up in the sky. Check the equipment each and every day for any signs that it is not in working order. Moreover, it is better to delay the construction process and ensure that workers are safe than to see an injury or death occur due to negligence.

19. Proper Equipment.

The extra time and effort to safety check your equipment can literally save lives and in the process increase better safety procedures in construction. Defective equipment is one of the most common causes of construction accidents. Accordingly, perform daily safety checks on the equipment that you will be using to do the construction. Train workers to tell a supervisor or manager if a piece of equipment is not working properly, and discontinue its use.

20. Reporting Work Injuries Immediately and Seeking Treatment.

If you are injured at a construction site, or if you are an employee of a contractor or subcontractor on a construction site and suffer injured from a fall, not only does reporting the injury increase the chances of the New York construction accident not occurring again in the future, but it will increase the chances of preserving and enforcing any claim you may bring regarding your work injury. Oftentimes, employees are afraid of reporting their injury or seeking treatment right away for fear of being terminated or retaliation from their employer.

However, failure to do so may jeopardize your workers compensation claim you may have, resulting in a decreased award or settlement, and being stuck with a bunch of medical bills that should have been the responsibility of the employer. Accordingly, if you do sustain a work injury at a construction site, you should consult a New York construction accident lawyer immediately

Construction site accidents can be very serious and life-changing. If you were involved in a New York construction accident, whether it is your own fault or not, you may be entitled to compensation and should consult a knowledgeable and experienced construction accident attorney or construction accident lawyer NYC.

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