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Is My House In Foreclosure – How to Check The Foreclosure Status

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After a historic two years of rustling amidst this Covid-19 pandemic where many people faltered on their expenses, especially as it relates to mortgage payments on a person’s home. Many of you may be wondering if your house has been listed for foreclosure due to the non-payment of your mortgages. 

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    If you are not already aware, a foreclosure occurs where the mortgagee which is usually a bank, sells the collateral which is the home, to recover the monies they loaned to the mortgagor which is the individual. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of finding out whether or not your house is in foreclosure. If you don’t have time and need help immediately, fill the form below to get a free consultation from our foreclosure lawyers.

    Is My House in Foreclosure

    As described above foreclosure occurs where a mortgagee (usually a bank) exercises their right to recover money loaned to the mortgagor (the individual) where the home was the collateral being offered. To know where or not your house is in foreclosure refer to the topics below.

    How to Find Out if a House Is In Foreclosure

    There are many ways to check the foreclosure status of a house. These ways are as follows:

    The County Recorder’s Office

    You may head down to your county recorder’s office to make an inquiry as not all counties have electronically stored files. The parcel number, address, and the owners’ name on the deed would suffice in the search.

    The County Assessor’s Website

    The county assessor’s website does not indicate whether or not your house is listed on foreclosure. However, by searching the property’s address, you may find the name of the owner and the property’s parcel number.


    Generally, newspapers indicate where a house goes up for auction when there is a notice of sale recorded against the property. The local newspapers within the county would have the listing. Therefore it would be prudent to check your local newspaper listings to check if your house is in foreclosure.

    how to find out if a house is in foreclosure

    Foreclosure List

    There are a couple of websites that list when a foreclosure is to occur. These websites normally charge a fee to gain access, the fee, however, is generally inexpensive. A few of the websites in which you may find a foreclosure list are websites such as Auction.com or Foreclosure.com

    Public Auction Listings

    Public Auction listings indicates another great way for finding out whether or not a house is listed on a foreclosure. These listings include an individual to search a house on foreclosure by the parcel number, the address, and the property owner’s name for reference.

    Local Property Tax Authorities

    Another way on how to find out if a house is in foreclosure is by checking with the Local Property Tax Authority. An inquiry must be done with the authorities in which the parcel number, property address, and the homeowners’ name should be given.

    Local Real Estate Agencies

    A real estate agent who specializes in foreclosure proceedings may be very helpful. The agent will be able to guide you throughout the listing on the multiple listing service (MLS) which is a database to where consumers do not have direct access.

    Bank Listings

    You may be able to research properties listed on foreclosure on a Banks’ listing, if it is they have one. Generally larger banks would have a database with houses on foreclosure. You may be able to research the bank’s website to find houses listed on foreclosure. In using the bank’s website you may search by state and city in which the search may result in the description of the property, the price of the property, photos, and the contact information for the agent conducting the listing.

    How to Look Up the Foreclosure Status

    How to know if a house is in foreclosure. This may be done by looking up the foreclosure status of the house. This may be done as follows:

    Review You Mortgage Papers

    Ensure to review your mortgage payments and check your payment receipts to ensure that you are up to date with payments. If you are not up to date with your payments, you may then be able to check how many payments you have missed, as for most states 4 missed mortgage payments may trigger a foreclosure. Your mortgage papers should be able to tell you when payment is due each month and you should know personally if payments were made.

    Foreclosure Notices

    Foreclosure notices should be sent to the homeowner when it is that their home is going to be listed. The foreclosure notice should give the homeowner reasonable time to vacate the premises before the foreclosure sale. Therefore you mail or email to see if you received notice of foreclosure. After such receipt of the notice, this indicates that the lender will sell the home at auction in 21 days. You may be asking what do you do when my house is in foreclosure. Well, the answer to that is simply to seek an attorney for them to advise you on how to delay the foreclosure. 

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      Call Your Mortgage Company

      Another sure-fire method to check whether your property is in foreclosure is to simply just contact your mortgage company directly and inquire if they listed your house for foreclosure. They are obliged to share that information when you give them the parcel number, property address, and the name of the homeowner. 

      Call The Trustee Assigned To The Foreclosure

      Calling the trustee assigned to the foreclosure is another sure way to look up the foreclosure status. Providing them with the relevant information as mentioned before. Relevant information includes; parcel number; property address; and owner’s name.

      Visit the County Court’s Website

      A visit to the County Court’s Website may also be a means of finding out if your house is in foreclosure. The search on this website will provide information on a foreclosed property.

      Getting Help from a Foreclosure Attorney 

      As shown from this article there are quite a many ways for a homeowner to properly inform themselves on the foreclosure status of their home.  If it is that you find your property being foreclosed, do not hesitate to contact an attorney as they might very well have the best information for the situation. 

      If it is that you need to stop foreclosure of your house, know ways on how to delay foreclosure, and inquire on how long the foreclosure process takes, contact Moshes Law Office. We specialize in real property issues generally. Foreclosure proceedings are just one of our many fortes. We understand that during these unprecedented times, individuals have fallen back on their basic obligations such as mortgage payments. We are here to help.

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