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Even minor rear-end collisions can cause serious mental, emotional, and physical trauma. In larger accidents, obvious injuries present themselves such as lacerations, head injuries, and brain dysfunction. Smaller accidents cause injuries too, but they are harder to detect because the brain does not process those types of after car accident symptoms as quickly. Back strain,…

Although they can be advantageous for employers, non-compete agreements can be extremely detrimental to employees. They narrow career paths, block opportunities, and force employees to stay in undesirable jobs. Non-compete agreements can also affect third parties, like customers and patients, who might find their former hairdresser or doctor refusing to provide service or care solely…

Real estate brokers can be sued for many different reasons, but some of the most common lawsuits they can be subjected to are real estate misrepresentation lawsuits. Exaggeration and puffing are common sale tactics in the real estate industry, and so it is important for both buyers of property and real estate brokers to understand…

Losing one’s job can cause tremendous stress on yourself and your family. From a financial standpoint, joblessness can result in an immediate strain on you and your family. From a purely medical standpoint, the stress of being fired begins to mount and can result in deep depression. Adding insult to injury, many employers will tend…

Employment discrimination law can be very complicated and has many subtle features of which it can be difficult to keep track. Let’s assume that you have been discriminated against by your employer, received a Right-to-Sue letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), and now need to file a federal employment discrimination lawsuit. So what…

Taking a personal injury claim to court can be very tricky. In many cases, people without prior legal training cannot properly evaluate what to do in most situations involving personal injury claims and personal injury insurance. Few understand the actual process of making a personal injury claim after a car accident or negotiating a bodily…

Buying property in the real estate market is a complicated process. Admittedly, the process has become so complex because of lawyers (like us), but all of the various provisions and terms in the average real estate contract serve a purpose. Today we are going to explain the concept of the “Appraisal Contingency.” What is an…

Illegal employment discrimination on the basis of criminal convictions is more common in New York than many want to believe. For those with criminal records, especially felony records, reintegration into society can be very difficult. People with prior convictions have difficulty in restoring their civil rights to vote and carry firearms, among other rights. However,…

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