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Law Office of Yuriy Moshes P.C. blog is a law firm blog for up to date content. Check back here often for news, legal developments and tips. We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading our blog. We welcome suggestions on topics you would like featured in the blog. Whether you are another lawyer, a current or past client, we look forward to a nice dialogue about today’s legal trends. We aim to update our blog on a weekly basis, and check out our Facebook page for legal tips of the day.

We specialize in the subjects of real estate, foreclosure defense, personal injury, labor and employment matters and civil litigation. Please see our posts related to these topics.

new york surveillance camera laws

Can Employers Use Video Cameras to Monitor Workers?

Work productivity, misappropriation of company time and resources, workplace violence, Capital riots and the security of employees working on January 6th: Video surveillance plays a crucial role in the workplace across the country.  But how much is too much for employers who may be getting a case of “Big Brother syndrome”? There are state and New York surveillance camera laws in place to help define and place limits on what employers can record or monitor in the workplace, particularly when it ...

title company vs lawyer

Why Choose a Real Estate Title Attorney vs Title Company?

Simply, an attorney is the safest way to complete a transaction, there is nothing better. An Attorney has the highest level of education and training to give legal advice to handle the most complex of real estate transactions. If, however, you feel the real estate transaction is very simple without any complications, then just using a title company should be sufficient. The cost difference is negligible. Free New York Real Estate Attorney Consultation The stability of a real estate tr...

can you sue a boss for bullying

Can You Sue a Boss for Bullying in New York?

New York provides significant rights to employees compared to most other states. Even so, New York is an at-will employment state, meaning that employees can be fired at any time for any or no reason. With the constant fear of termination, many employees believe that they must withstand bullying or other inappropriate behavior from their superiors.  The truth is, however, that employees should not have to withstand bullying or other activity that creates hostile work environments or cro...

buying a condo in nyc

Buying a Condo in NYC. What Do You Need to Know

This article will discuss the process of purchasing a condo in NYC and how a real estate lawyer can help during that process. The condo buying process can be overwhelming. However, you don't have to pay thousands of dollars in closing costs to buy your new home. Our real estate attorneys know the ins and outs of condo law in New York and work to help you avoid mistakes during this process. New York Condo Attorney Free Consultation What is a Condo in New York City? Your living envir...

can i buy back my short sale home

Can You Purchase Your Home Back After a Short Sale?

Buying a home with a conventional mortgage is often a dream for many Americans and a good dream at that. Life happens, however, and extenuating circumstances may cause many homeowners finding themselves unable to make their mortgage payments. In an attempt to avoid losing their home to foreclosure, which often results in bad credit and higher interest rates, the homeowner will attempt to engage in a short sale. While a short sale is often a good idea, there are many predatory or flat out fraudu...

can you get fired for complaining

Can You Get Fired for Complaining about Your Boss?

We all deserve to work in a healthy, safe environment and to have coworkers and bosses who treat us respectfully. Sadly, not everyone has this experience in their workplace. Some managers and employers treat their employees very poorly or allow their employees to work in situations that place the employees’ health or safety at risk. At some point, almost everyone will face a moment in dealing with their employer in which we feel at odds with our boss. That sensation is fairly normal. What is no...

buying a coop in nyc

Buying a Coop in NYC. What Do You Need To Know?

Buying a co-op in NYC is unlike other property purchases in the Big Apple. If you are considering purchasing a co-op in NYC or you are in the process of buying a co-op, you may have many questions. What is a co-op board interview? Do I need an attorney? What is the co-op approval process like?  Free New York Real Estate Attorney Consultation At the Law Offices of Yuriy Moshes, our experienced New York real estate attorneys are here to help you with your co-op purchase and to answ...

Can An Employer Ban Personal Employee Cell Phone Use During Work Hours?

Can An Employer Ban Personal Employee Cell Phone Use During Work Hours?

In light of the mass shooting tragedy that occurred on April 15, 2021 in Indianapolis at a FedEx ground facility in which nine people were killed, including the gunman, questions have risen in regards to an employee's right to have a cell phone while at work. In Indianapolis, an ex-employee of FedEx opened fire and executed various co-workers before shooting himself.  Many Americans, including FedEx employees, have questioned FedEx’s company policy of prohibiting cell phone usage while in ...

can you sue a minor

Can You Sue a Minor for a Personal Injury in NYC?

When you are injured due to the fault of another, it is always a tense situation, especially if you seek to recover damages from the at-fault party. When the party at fault is a minor, however, the situation becomes even more complex. Society, and the law, do not hold children to the same standards as adults. For that reason, it may be more difficult to sue a minor who causes you an injury and receive compensation for your out-of-pocket expenses. In New York City, however, bringing a lawsuit ag...

employment lawsuit

How Long Does an Employment Lawsuit Take in NYC?

Employment law claims come in many shapes and sizes. Accordingly, their lengths vary wildly. Generally, employees would like to settle their lawsuits quickly, rather than battle with their current or former employer in court. To understand how long an employment lawsuit will take, you must first have a basic understanding of employment lawsuits in New York State. Labor Lawyers NYC Free Consultation Types Of Employment Lawsuits  In NYC Employment lawsuits are common in New York...