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Law Office of Yuriy Moshes P.C. blog is a law firm blog for up to date content. Check back here often for news, legal developments and tips. We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading our blog. We welcome suggestions on topics you would like featured in the blog. Whether you are another lawyer, a current or past client, we look forward to a nice dialogue about today’s legal trends. We aim to update our blog on a weekly basis, and check out our Facebook page for legal tips of the day.

We specialize in the subjects of real estate, foreclosure defense, personal injury, labor and employment matters and civil litigation. Please see our posts related to these topics.

two names on title one on mortgage

Who Owns The House If There are Two Names On Title and One On the Mortgage?

Determining who owns a home in New York is not always easy. Most individuals are unfamiliar with the different types of ownership and the interplay between the deed and the mortgage. At the Moshes Law Firm we commonly see and help remedy the following situations: Two spouses on the deed, but only one on the mortgage.One spouse on the deed, but two on the mortgage.One spouse on both the deed and mortgage. Free New York Real Estate Attorney Consultation Mortgage Holder Vs Title Holde...

bankruptcy and foreclosure

Bankruptcy And Foreclosure. Chapter 7 Versus Chapter 13

Foreclosure is a scary prospect for any homeowner and can be a difficult situation to deal with. But it’s important to understand that there are a number of actions that a homeowner can take to mitigate the effects of or even stop a foreclosure. It may be surprising to learn that filing for bankruptcy, which for many carries a very negative connotation, can also help delay or even remedy foreclosure. This is not to say that filing for bankruptcy is at all ideal or the right course of action for...

foreclosure legal advice

Foreclosure Legal Advice

Foreclosures rarely come by surprise. Despite that, many homeowners find themselves unprepared to face the situation and make the best decisions for their families. Homeowners, however, are not to blame. The foreclosure process is unnecessarily complicated and can confuse even the most experienced homeowner. Thankfully, foreclosure attorneys deal with foreclosures every day and are experts in guiding homeowners through the process. Legal advice on foreclosure is available to all homeowners, and...

Gennady Litvin

Moshes Law, P.C. Attorney Gennady Litvin Nominated to the 2021 New York Metro Rising Star List

The Moshes Law Firm is excited to announce that its associate attorney Gennady Litvin has once again been nominated by Super Lawyers to its 2021 New York Metro Rising Stars list. This marks the seventh of the past eight years in which Mr. Litvin has been nominated to the Rising Star list by Super Lawyers. The Moshes Law Firm is proud to have Mr. Litvin as an associate attorney and to offer his top-tier legal expertise to our clients and friends.   About Attorney Gennady Litvin G...

can i sue a plastic surgeon

How Can I Sue a Plastic Surgeon in NYC?

This article will inform you of medical malpractice, medical negligence, potential risks, errors and injuries from cosmetic procedures, how and when to sue for a personal injury brought on by a cosmetic procedure. We can help you establish what errors were made during your procedure and obtain the settlement you deserve. Our experienced lawyers will hire expert medical witnesses to examine the alleged malpractice and negligence that took place in your case. Once the error is established, then y...

filing a discrimination lawsuit

Filing a Discrimination Lawsuit in New York

Discrimination can take many forms.  In years past, common types of discrimination involved unwanted comments or advances in the workplace.  Women were not allowed to vote until 1920.  Laws mandated where certain non-white races could and couldn’t congregate in businesses or public places. Plessy v. Ferguson (163 U.S. 537) sanctioned the legality of racial segregation through the “separate but equal” doctrine.  Irish and Jewish people were discriminated against, particularly...

mandatory vaccine covid NY

Can a Company Require Its Staff To Take a Mandatory Vaccine for COVID in NY?

Recently, President Biden declared his efforts towards fully vaccinating 300 million Americans by the end of summer. As of February 27, 2021, both AstraZeneca and Novavax are in Phase 3 trials. The FDA issued its third emergency use authorization (“EUA”) for the Janssen – Johnson & Johnson vaccine on the same day. Though it seems like the end is on the horizon, Americans are filled with questions. Can citizens be mandated to take a COVID vaccine? How would these mandates work, legally sp...

what is an escrow agreement in real estate

What Is An Escrow Agreement In Real Estate?

The process of buying a home and other real estate generally involves multiple steps and moving pieces. At various points in a real estate transaction, parties other than the buyer and seller become involved in order to ensure the integrity of the transaction. An escrow agreement is one way to protect both the buyer and seller during the final stages of the transaction. In a real estate escrow agreement, the buyer and seller agree to have a neutral third party -- an escrow agent - hold the buye...

personal injury cases

Personal Injury Cases

The United States has a well-earned, and some may even say, well-deserved reputation as a litigious society. After all, millions of lawsuits are filed across the country each year. When most people hear about lawsuits, personal injury cases probably come to mind. That is hardly a surprise, considering that personal injury lawsuits are one of the most -- if not the most -- common types of civil litigation in the United States. The most  common types of personal injury lawsuits are those ste...

cema loan

Refinancing Your House? How a “CEMA” or Consolidation, Extension, & Modification Agreement Can Help

If you’re fortunate enough to be a resident of the great state of New York, then refinancing your home doesn’t have to be as expensive and difficult as it normally is. Whereas most purchasers in the U.S. have to pay the full value of closing costs consisting of loan origination fees, appraisal charges, and credit report costs, buyers of New York are able to save money under CEMA, which stands for Consolidation, Extension, and Modification Agreement. Free Real Estate Lawyer Consultation in NY...