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If you were injured in New York City due to some else’s negligence, you may have a valid personal injury claim. Personal injury lawsuits seek to compensate you for out of pocket expenses you incur resulting from the injury, such as medical expenses, prescription costs, lost wages, and more. In some circumstances, you may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. The law says that you should not have to pay the costs of another’s negligent actions alone. A New York personal injury attorney can fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. 

New York Personal Injury Attorneys Who Care

Many NY personal injury lawyers are impersonal. They often handle a large volume of cases, seeking simply to settle as soon as possible and avoid time spent in the courtroom. At Moshes Law, P.C., we focus on quality, rather than quantity. Our clients have truly suffered, due to no fault of their own, and deserve a personal injury lawyer in New York who cares about their needs. If you were injured and are looking for personal injury attorneys who see you as more than just a number, contact us today.

Why Should You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney In NYC

If you have suffered an injury due to the fault of another, you may be entitled to compensation. Because personal injury cases are so common in New York, there is a significant amount of law governing these types of cases. This includes time limits on when you can bring a lawsuit and limits on the amount of compensation you can receive. The process of obtaining compensation for a personal injury is often much harder than it may seem. Failure to comply with these requirements may bar injured individuals from receiving compensation. By hiring a personal injury law firm, New York residents can ensure that they are getting everything they are entitled to under the law. 

How Do You Know if You Have A Personal Injury Claim

If you were injured due to no fault of your own, you may have a valid personal injury claim. Generally, to have a successful personal injury claim, four things are needed. These are:

  1. Legal Duty. A personal injury claim requires that the negligent individual owe you a legal duty. A legal duty can come in a number of forms. Typically, however, every person has a duty to act reasonably toward others. This means, for example, that an individual riding a bike has a duty to act reasonably to all pedestrians.
  2. Breach. Next, there must be a breach of the duty owed to you by the negligent person. This generally means that the negligent person acted unreasonably toward you. Obviously, what is “unreasonable” is a highly subjective standard that will vary based on the facts of the case. 
  3. Causation. The third requirement is that the injury you suffered must have been caused by the negligent person. In most cases, this is generally straightforward. Sometimes, however, this can be a very complex and difficult fact to prove. For example, it may be difficult to prove that a bicyclist’s high rate of speed scared an individual, causing them to trip and fall, despite there being no physical contact. 
  4. Damages. Finally, you must have suffered actual damages as a result of the negligent individual’s behavior. Damages can be economic, such as hospital bills and prescription costs, and non-economic, such as pain and suffering. 

New York City Personal Injury Law Basics

Depending on the nature of your injury, there are a number of New York specific laws that may come into play. Here are the most common laws that we help our clients navigate:

  • No Fault Automobile Accidents. New York is unique because it is one of the few states with a no fault law. While widely misunderstood, no fault generally means that if you are injured in an automobile accident, your own insurance will pay for your injuries, regardless of who is at fault. If you have suffered an injury over a certain threshold, however, you may be eligible to sue the other driver directly.
  • Comparative Fault. In some states, if you are even 1% at fault in an accident, you may not recover damages. That is not the case in New York. If you are partially responsible for your own injury in New York, however, your ultimate damages will be reduced by that amount. For example, if you slipped on an uneven sidewalk, but were running at an unreasonable speed, a jury at trial may find that you were 20% at fault. If your total damages were $100,000, you would receive only $80,000.
  • Wrongful Death. Wrongful death cases in New York are a type of personal injury that may be brought by the surviving family members of a deceased individual. There are a number of limitations on damages in wrongful death claims.
  • Non-Economic Damages. Non-economic damages are damages awarded not in compensation for out of pocket expenses. For example, an injured individual may recover damages for pain and suffering resulting from their injury. Because these damages are not compensation for a monetary loss, they are non-economic. These include punitive damages as well, which are strictly limited in New York. 

What Is My New York Personal Injury Case Worth

It is difficult to determine the ultimate value of a personal injury case. Generally, the amount you receive will be compensation for your actual losses, such as medical bills, prescription costs, and lost wages. The amount of non-economic damages you recieve is often very difficult to determine. This is because pain and suffering is a highly factual determination. In cases where the parties cannot agree, a verdict by a jury will attempt to estimate the amount. Even so, no two juries are the same. 

Another factor in determining your damages is the defendant. If your claim is against an individual, he or she may not have insurance coverage or may not be in the financial position to pay your award. A verdict against a person who has no ability to pay is useless. On the other hand, if your claim is against a large corporation, it may be worth much more considering that they generally have the funds to pay the full amount. Oftentimes, if the defendant is a government or municipality, there may be statutory restrictions of the amount you can recieve. This can be in the form of absolute immunity for governments or a cap on the amount of compensation you may receive. 

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The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney

The role of a New York City personal injury attorney cannot be overstated. This is because personal injury claims are oftentimes filed against the negligent party, but they are defended by the negligent party’s insurance company. This means that rather than fighting against the negligent driver in court, for example, you will likely be faced against a national insurance company and its personal injury lawyers. 

Personal injury lawyers know how to deal with insurance companies. Because of the high volume of cases handled by insurance companies, they often resort to the same tactics in order to settle quickly and leave the injured plaintiff with as little money as possible. An experienced New York personal injury lawyer will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve, despite the insurance company’s best efforts.

Claims Our NY Personal Injury Attorney Can Help With

The personal injury attorneys are Moshes Law, P.C. have handled all types of personal injury cases. Our attorneys have won cases involving:

Why Choose Us For Your Personal Injury Case

From complex medical malpractice cases to the common bike accident, we help our clients receive the highest awards possible. While our attorneys seek to quickly settle cases on terms favorable to our clients, we are not afraid to fight in the courtroom when necessary. 

Experience And Commitment

While personal injury lawsuits are hopefully a once in a lifetime event for you, we handle these cases everyday. Our attorneys are well versed in the negotiation techniques that insurance companies use to low-ball plaintiffs. Our experienced attorneys know what each case is worth and won’t stop fighting until you receive fair treatment. 

Well-Earned Reputation

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney, NYC has plenty to offer. But not all attorneys are the same and choosing the wrong one may be costly. Our attorneys have earned their reputation as the best in New York City through hard-fought battles with insurance companies. But don’t take our word for it, let our client testimonials speak for themselves. 

Outstanding Results

When choosing a personal injury attorney in New York, NY, results are the only things that matter at the end of the day. Our dedicated attorneys get the best results for our clients because we take the time to truly understand their cases. Our success comes from our personal approach to law. We always discuss big picture strategy with you so that you know exactly what to expect at every stage of your case.

Skilled And Knowledgeable Attorneys

A lot is at stake in personal injury cases. A simple mistake or misfiling can bar a claim completely. Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys know the inside and out of New York personal injury law. By working together and combining our legal knowledge, we ensure that you are in the best legal position possible when negotiating with the insurance companies. 

We Make You Our Top Priority

Compensation is important in personal injury litigation. That we understand. What many attorneys forget, however, is that the client is most important. Not every client has the same goals and aspirations for their case. Our attorneys sit down with you and develop a true understanding of your expectations – after all, it is your case, not ours. Whether “winning” the case for you means getting an apology or getting the highest payout, our main goal is making sure you are satisfied with the outcome of your case. 

How Much Does A New York Personal Injury Lawyer Cost

A personal injury lawyer in NYC can be prohibitively expensive, oftentimes charging hundreds of dollars an hour. We recognize that most individuals cannot afford to pay such high fees. Because of this, we offer flexible payments methods, including accepting cases on a contingency fee basis. New York law allows us to charge a percentage of your ultimate recovery as a fee for our services. This means that if you don’t win your case, we don’t charge. If you believe that you have a personal injury claim but are concerned with your ability to pay, contact the Moshes Law Firm to discuss the multiple payment options we offer. 


What is a good settlement offer?

Defining a good settlement offer is difficult because it requires a comprehensive look at your case. Generally, a good settlement offer will leave the injured person in as good a position financially as they were before the injury.

What are the chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit?

The chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit depend entirely on the facts. The truth is, the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits settle out of court. The higher your chances of winning at trial are, the higher your settlement offer will be.

Should I accept my first offer of compensation?

Generally, the first offer from an insurance company will be insufficient to cover your actual expenses. This is a negotiation tactic that many lawyers expect. Sometimes, however, accepting the first offer may be a good outcome, especially if you want to close the case and receive compensation as quickly as possible, rather than litigate over a number of months.

What kind of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

The personal injury attorneys at Moshes Law, P.C. handle all cases where individuals have been injured as a result of another’s negligent behavior. This includes car accidents, slip and falls, complications from medical procedures, wrongful death, and more.

What information should personal injury lawyers know?

To be successful, you should disclose all relevant information regarding your injury to your personal injury attorney. Sometimes, facts that may seem insignificant to you can have a major impact on your case. Insurance defense attorneys will try every theory available to blame the injury on you, rather than their client. A personal injury attorney needs all relevant information to fully anticipate these arguments.

How long do personal injury claims take?

The length of a personal injury lawsuit varies significantly depending on the facts of the case. In contested cases where the defendant does not wish to settle quickly, a personal injury lawsuit can take anywhere from one to two years on average.

Get Help From A New York Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured in New York City, you may be entitled to damages to cover your costs. After an initial consultation, many of our clients are surprised to find out how much they may be eligible for or that they are eligible at all. Not all New York city personal injury lawyers are the same.

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Our attorneys take a personal approach by truly understanding your situation and your needs. If you want an attorney that focuses on quality over quantity, contact the Law firm of Yuriy Moshes today.

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