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Have you or a loved one suffered a serious burn injury?

Burn injuries are horrific events that can cause incredible physical pain, injury and disfigurement. Sometimes, even more traumatizing, burns can cause mental anguish, or psychological scars that can last the rest of the lifetime of the victim. 

Have You Been Injured in an Accident?

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It does not matter how the burn occurred, accidentally at a bonfire gathering, chemical burns from an unsafe product, or negligent owners of a personal or business property, you absolutely need an experience New York burn injury attorney, like the attorneys at Moshes Law, P.C. to help you get the compensation for the pain and suffering you or the victim endured.

New York Burn Injury Attorney Representing Victims and Their Families

For any type of injury, whether by accident, or negligence, it is important for you and your friends and family to reach out to a true, experienced and professional burn victim attorney. With the right burn injury lawyer, you can rest assured that you or the victim will get the representation and compensation they are due after such a traumatic event.

Common Burn Injury Cases We Handle

We are New York burn injury lawyers that handle ALL types of burn injury cases, from the common burns to the truly horrific burn cases that change the lives of all impacted by the accidental or negligent burn occurrence. No matter how small or large the burn injury, the burn victim deserves representation that will fight and win for them. 

How Our Burn Injury Lawyers Can Help You

When you are dealing with an injury like a burn, life can get very chaotic and difficult. Having the clarity of mind to ask the important questions can become very difficult and it is for these reasons that it is always advisable to reach out to an attorney, such as Yuriy Moshes to help you understand your rights and expectations when dealing with a home owner or business that has cause a burn injury to you and/or your loved one; they will ask the important questions, investigate and take action.

Determining Who Was Liable.

This is one of the first questions a burn injury attorney will ask. Does the owner do the property upkeep that led to the malfunction, causing a burn, or is there a third-party contractor that is at fault for improperly installing a mechanism that caused a burn? 

Perhaps it is a business, that did work in house and caused the accident to occur. These questions and more are investigated by the burn injury attorney and they will determine whether the case can move forward. 

Filing a Lawsuit

Once your burn injury attorney has determined that there is enough evidence in favor of your case, they will file a lawsuit against the homeowner, company and/or negligent party. It is very important that you get an experienced burn injury law firm that has the experience to bring your case to trial if a settlement is not reached. 

Managing the Case

Managing a case, from the filing of a lawsuit to a settlement, whether in or out of court, can take some time. With the right burn injury law firm, a good lawyer can move the case through the settlement or lawsuit process more quickly than less experienced attorneys. It takes grit and tenacity to make the at fault party understand that they will compensate one way or another and that the attorney will not relent. 

Attorney for Job Discrimination

The process requires court hearings, interviews, phone calls, submission of forms, etc., that only the best, most experienced law firms can handle properly. 

Seeking the Highest Possible Compensation

A burn injury is a traumatizing event that no one should ever have to go through. It often times can have life changing consequences. When a life is altered in a negative way, the highest compensation is the absolute standard that should be met. With the right burn injury attorney, you can rest assured that you will get the highest possible compensation for your burn injury.

What Kind of Liability Exists in Burn Injury Cases

As mentioned earlier, typically, liability for burn injury cases comes in the form of:

  • Negligence
  • Product Defects 
  • Premises Liability

Compensation in Burn Injury Claims

When in comes to burn injuries, the cost of the damages does not end at the hospital. So many more areas of life, than you can imagine are impacted by the burn, in the short and the long term depending on the severity of the burn.

Medical Expenses

Obviously, the initial hospital visit is going to be costly.  Factor in the cost of ambulance rides, paramedics, specialized doctors and procedures, this emergency visit can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. And then there are follow up visits, depending upon the severity of the burns, that require follow up visits, which require transportation, time and money to go to these follow up appointments. 

You deserve compensation for these costs.

Prescription Medication

Because of the threats of infection and other symptoms, the use of prescriptions is typically required, which in itself, represents another source of damages to the victim. For some victims, the prescriptions may last for years and even more scary, prescriptions can become addictive, leading to future damages stemming from the original burn. 

Surgery Costs, Including Skin Grafting and Plastic Surgery

For some burn injury victims, the damage and disfigurement caused is so immense that multiple surgeries, in the form of skin grafts and plastic surgery are required to give the victim a sense of normalcy. These surgeries, that most would agree are absolutely needed to live a normal life can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and depending on their success, can have substantial effects on the quality of life.

Lost Income

As with other accidents and medical events, the injury and rehabilitation process disrupts the work life of the victim, causing them to lose the income that they would have otherwise earned had the burn injury not occurred. This lost income must be compensated to the victim and will be won be a hard-working burn injury attorney.

Loss of Future Earning Capacity

For some burn injury victims, the damage done by a burn can be so incapacitating that they are not able to work for an extended amount of time, or may not be able to return at all. These losses of income must be recompensed as well, if justice is truly to be given to the victim.

Permanent Scarring or Disfigurement

While scarring or disfigurement may not prevent a person from working, the looks of curiosity and shock from customers and co-workers may cause a victim to not want to work anymore or deal with the public. Disfigurement can cause depression as well as Pain and Suffering. 

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering, while difficult to measure and calculate, is an important matter to consider for a jury to award damages to a victim. It is up to the burn injury attorney to convince the court that the pain and suffering was so extensive that only a large award for damages can make up for the pain and suffering. In many cases, this category can bring about the most amount of money in terms of damages. 

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It is so important in this area of the law to get a firm that is experienced in getting compensation for those that have suffered damages, especially in the form of burns, experienced by fires, explosions, chemical burns, nuclear radiation, etc.

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