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Why Choose a Real Estate Title Attorney vs Title Company?

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title company vs lawyer

Simply, an attorney is the safest way to complete a transaction, there is nothing better. An Attorney has the highest level of education and training to give legal advice to handle the most complex of real estate transactions. If, however, you feel the real estate transaction is very simple without any complications, then just using a title company should be sufficient. The cost difference is negligible.

Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?

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The stability of a real estate transaction is founded on the reliance of a real estate lawyer. The title company is reserved for procedural documentation and insurance. Although it would appear a title company would provide all the necessary security of a transaction it is in reality the real estate lawyer that guarantees a transaction will survive. For best results hire an attorney by contacting Moshes Law for advice. There you can fill out our free consultation form to guide you to the right attorney for your immediate needs!

Advantages of Hiring Real Estate Attorney

An attorney is a one stop place to go to handle everything, including all the title work and insurance. There is actually less work to do on your part because everything that needs to be done is handled by the attorney. They deal with all areas of real estate.

Title Company Works for Insurer

Because the title company is the front office for the title insurance company, the title insurer, it is the title company’s priority to handle, and establish, on the face, the correct titles of the piece of property from government records, and title searches, and apply the appropriate  insurance carriers policies. Closing with a title company is the final step in the company’s process.  All closing costs, and purchase prices are calculated in the process and any title issues that arise. A title company, or title agent, may have on staff  with a house title lawyer. The title company can complete the real estate closing.

Title Company Can’t Provide You Legal Advice

The title company is process server, nothing more. It is only an attorney that can provide legal advice that would stand up in Court if something unusual should happen in a transaction. Also the attorney can provide estate planning.

Attorney Can Help Legal Issues in the Contract

It is only an attorney that can assist in any legal issues that may occur in a transaction. It is, in fact, the attorney, a member of a law firm, who actually writes the binding contract for the parties of the transaction, and thereby can support the contract in Court. One critical and key area an attorney can make all the difference is regarding contingencies. 

There are so many post sale issues that can arise that could cost a small fortune to correct. A failure by missing these contingency issues, like complex trusts, laten property liabilities, the attorney can protect you from all these potential nightmares. The attorney also deals with both the buyers and sellers.

Attorney for Job Discrimination

The costs Hiring Title Company and Attorney Are Comparable

In the end the cost differences for the two services are equivalent. Thus, it might be just the best decision to use an attorney for the task. An attorney is final, a title company is but one part of the process, and still costs the same.

Based on everything above, the best and most stress-free way to complete your real estate transaction is to see a deed lawyer from the Moshes Law Offices.


Should I use a title company or lawyer?

Based on the above, an attorney is the most favorable choice over a title company. An attorney is a one stop shop, there you will get full service and peace of mind. There is no better alternative to have the transaction completed and secured for the long term.

What is the difference between a title company and a closing attorney?

A title company provides no legal advice, legal protection, nor makes contracts. In contrast, a title attorney provides all of the above, and the total cost is about the same. Quite simply, there is no valid reason to rely on a title company to complete a real estate transaction.

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