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Are You Facing a Foreclosure?


Facing a foreclosure can leave you feeling more stressed than you ever felt before. You might find yourself constantly worrying about what will happen to your family and where you will go. With a foreclosure, the bank has the legal right to take over ownership of your home after you cease making your payments. While some lenders will work with you and give you additional time, the longer you wait, the more problems you will have. Here at the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, P.C., we can help you learn how to stop foreclosure today.

How Long Do You Have?

The amount of time you have before a foreclosure occurs depends on the lender. A lender has the legal right to begin foreclosure proceedings as soon as you miss a payment. Other lenders may give you some leeway and work with you to catch up on your back payments and let you go several months before filing a lawsuit. Some lenders may let you slide on late or missed payments but make you go through an insurance inspection. As soon as you receive paperwork from your lender talking about foreclosure, you should get help from an attorney.

What Happens Next

After your lender decides to foreclose on your home, you have a limited amount of time to reply. If you do not reply to the legal paperwork, the case will immediately go to court. You will need to go to court and speak with the judge about the reason you didn’t pay your mortgage, but there is no guarantee that the judge will be on your side. We can help you get more time to spend in your home and more time to work with your lender on some type of agreement to help you save your home.

How to Stop Foreclosure Today

Despite what some might think, lenders and financial institutions are not bad people or companies. They simply want to get the money you owe them. When you approach the lender in the right way, you may receive an extension that will let you catch up on your loan over time and stop foreclosure from occurring. You need help when working your lender, which is something we can give you. Contact the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, P.C. at (888) 445-0234 to find out what you can do to halt a foreclosure on your home.

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    Thanks to the Professionalism and Outsanding Customer Sevice demonstrated by The Law Office of Yuiry Moshes. I've completed many Real Estate Transactions in my years as a NYS Licensed Salesperson and Real Estate Broker. I congratulate your organization for the attention to detail and integrity you company displays.

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    Hired Yuri to help me through coop purchase process. Yuriy and his staff answered all my questions promptly, I've had attorneys in the past that once paid would take their time and de prioritize your mails, etc..Not the case here. My initial purchase wound up folding week before scheduled closing date due to seller negligence. Almost a year later, I received same level of effort from Yuriy second time around, closed, and am very happy with professionalism and expertise provided.