It is possible for you to have experienced racial discrimination in your workplace. You may not have been able to detect it because certain negative behaviors in your workplace are considered acceptable. You may have been asked about your race during an employment interview and that became the reason you weren’t hired. You may not have been placed on certain team projects because you weren’t considered a good fit with the other team members because of your race. It hurts to acknowledge it. Our Staten Island race discrimination attorneys know that unless you address the race discrimination in your workplace, the discrimination will probably continue.

Race Discrimination in Employment

This is when you are treated in a more negative way than other employees because of your race. Other employees in a similar situation are treated much better than you. The negative treatment may be blatant race discrimination. Should a company make policy designed to affect only people of one race, this could also be race discrimination. A company may restrict the type of music to be played, specific attire and more. This and other incidents can be considered indirect racial discrimination.

Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

You should know that the federal government has laws in place to protect your rights against race discrimination. Part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was Title VII. This prevents an employer from not hiring a person because of their race. It also makes it illegal for an employee to be disciplined or fired because of their race. Title VII also prevents a person from being paid less or receiving fewer benefits than other employees because of their race. An employer is not permitted to provide opportunities, benefits or promotions based on a person’s race. It is also not permitted for an employee or job applicant to be segregated because of their race. Employment agencies are not permitted to decide on who to place on work assignments based on their race. A labor union is also not permitted to deny membership or expel people based on their race and more.


This could happen in a workplace where you hear ethnic slurs or racial jokes that are offensive, and it happens regularly. This is a place where you are subject to derogatory comments as well as negative verbal or physical conduct because of your race. All of this is legally considered unlawful harassment. When this creates a work environment that is so hostile it harms your job performance; this is harassment.

Developing A Racial Discrimination Case in Employment

There are certain things an employee can do to prove they are the victim of racial discrimination. Our Staten Island race discrimination attorneys advise their clients to document the discrimination. They should save every text message, voicemail or communication that shows or discusses the racial discrimination. It is also important for you to report any type of racial discrimination to your employer’s Human Resources department. It is essential you make an effort to report all of the incidents. This gives the employer written notice that there is a problem within the company. Get a copy of the documentation. If it can be proven that you regularly reported racial discrimination to your employer and they did nothing; your employer could be liable for monetary damages.


It is possible if you report racial discrimination to your employer, you may experience retaliation by your employer or fellow employees. It happens too often. This is against the law. The retaliation could be in the form of unfair treatment, hostility from supervisors, and more. Our Staten Island race discrimination attorneys are able to help their clients get the information they need to handle this type of situation.

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