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There are many risks on the road that drivers face every day in New York state. Some of the biggest safety hazards include accidents involving large/commercial trucks. If you have any questions, fill the form below to get free quote on your issue.

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According to the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research’s Large Truck Crash Summary, there were more than 21,000 accidents in New York in 2019. Of those,

  • Nine percent of all traffic fatalities were due to accidents involving large trucks;
  • 20% involved injury;
  • More than 80% involved property damage of varying degrees.

Some of the topics we will explore in this article:

  • Who is responsible for your accident?
  • Why do you need a truck accident attorney?
  • How can our truck accident injury lawyers help you?
  • Types of accidents our truck injury lawyers handle.
  • Compensation for your truck accident in New York.
  • How much does a truck wreck lawyer cost?
  • Why hire our truck accident law firm in New York?
  • What our clients say about us.
  • FAQ
  • Speak with a New York truck accident lawyer.

Who Is Responsible For Your Accident

Truck drivers go through a more rigorous commercial licensing process than the average passenger car driver. They are professionals held to higher standards due to increased safety considerations and the inherent dangers that go hand in hand with their positions.

A number of factors figure in to the cause of truck accidents, but the most common ones are human related:

truck accident law firm
  • Driver/Human Error (This can encompass a broad variety of potential accident causes, including but not limited to:  speeding, fatigue, substance/alcohol abuse, distracted driving, etc.
  • Tired or fatigued driving (Tired drivers are the number one cause of large or commercial truck accidents. Drivers are governed by federal standards that mandate how long they can drive and how often and how long they should take rest breaks. But some drivers may push or break those rules in the interest of making their payload and delivery destinations. This can cause them to cut safety corners, become distracted, and ultimately can lead to a potentially serious crash.)
  • Speeding (Large or commercial truck drivers are often under a great deal of pressure to deliver goods on time, per any employer or client mandated timelines. A number of factors can delay on-time delivery of goods including weather and road conditions. This can sometimes lead to a driver exceeding safe driving speeds in order to complete their drive as scheduled.)
  • Drunk or other impaired driving (Driving while intoxicated, whether with alcohol or legal or illegal drugs, is illegal everywhere. In fact, because of the nature of their jobs, commercial or large truck drivers are held to a stricter standard regarding substance abuse. For example, the average blood alcohol level for regular drivers is around .08%, but nationwide for commercial drivers, it’s half that amount:  .04%. But that has not stopped some drivers from taking that chance. Being under the influence can reduce reaction time for a driver to stop before hitting someone.)
  • Driving while distracted (Some drivers may not keep their eyes on the road. Instead they may be looking at or talking on their mobile phones, testing, eating and drinking, and this not paying attention to traffic can have potentially serious consequences.)
  • Unsecure or improperly secured or partially filled payloads (Even distribution of payloads are essential to making sure the large or commercial truck is evenly balanced in order to avoid accidents caused by shifting payloads, or worse yet, having part of the payload fall off the truck and cause a serious accident. Payloads which include liquids like gasoline or oil, and which aren’t completely and properly filled can affect the balance of a large or commercial truck.)
  • Trucks hitting other vehicles from behind (The force of an oncoming truck in a rear end collision can end with catastrophic and sometimes fatal results for the vehicle it hits from behind.)
  • Improper training (Some trucking companies might provide just the bare minimum training required by law for drivers in the interest of meeting bottom lines, especially with the high demand for truck drivers and the need to get them out on the road as soon as possible.)
  • Improperly maintained vehicles (Drivers and driving companies are required to maintain their vehicle fleets in operating condition. But to save time and money, they may cut corners in maintenance, especially for critical components like tires and brakes. Also, improperly trained drivers might not know precise things to look for to keep their vehicles in top operating condition.

Why Do You Need A Truck Accident Attorney In NYC

Laws governing large or commercial truck accidents involve many complex layers compared to more simple accidents.  Local, state and federal laws come into play. And New York accident laws involve a “comparative negligence rule”. This means even if you are deemed partially at fault, you can still collect damages from another party. The amount you would be due would be based on the percentage the other party is deemed to be at fault for. This is where a truck accident law firm will be of greatest benefit to you if you are injured in a commercial truck accident. Contact one of our New York truck accident lawyers at the Law Firm of Yuriy Moshes for a free consultation.

Trucks and Trucking Companies Are A Lot Bigger Than You

While a handful of truck drivers are independently employed, many truck drivers work for nationwide based companies. Those companies have the monetary and legal resources to back up any driver accused in an accident.  That is why you need a top New York truck accident lawyer fighting for you.

Insurance Company Might Not Offer You Enough Compensation

Your insurance company or the truck’s insurance company may not have your ultimate best interests at heart. They have their own bottom lines to look out for, and as a result, any settlement you are offered through either insurance company may not be nearly enough to cover costs you incur from an accident, though it may be no fault of your own.

New York is also one of a handful of states with “no fault” car insurance laws.  In a nutshell, that means drivers must carry a state mandated minimum coverage for their vehicles, and if they are injured in an accident, they must first try to recover via their own insurance policies. Plus, in order to get compensation from a third party, you must prove, under New York law, the serious and debilitating nature of your injuries.

How Can Our Truck Accident Injury Lawyer Help You

Our truck accident law firm can help your case in many different ways:

  • Our attorneys will Independently look into any accident to determine proper liability in a case.
  • We will obtain any needed documentation for your personal injury case.
  • We will get statements from accident witnesses and other appropriate people.
  • We will gather other critical evidence to establish what happened (i.e. camera footage, GPS data, etc.)
  • We will work with insurance companies for maximum coverage for you.
  • We will negotiate with medical providers to reduce your medical expenses and increase any potential settlement reached in your personal injury case, regardless of whether the matter is settled in or out of court
  • We will consult with accident experts to establish the strongest personal injury case for you.
  • We will interpret local, state, and federal laws to ensure the best outcome for your case.
  • Most importantly, we will fight for you no matter how long a case may take.

We Review Your Legal Options

We will go over any and every legal possibility to ensure the best outcome for your truck accident personal injury case.  Our attorneys are experts in local, state, and federal laws governing large or commercial truck drivers and accidents that may result from various circumstances that may involve them. Some cases may be more straightforward than others and may easily be settled out of court. But we are prepared to go to trial if needed, in order to make sure you get any compensation you are due.

We Investigate Your Truck Accident

From gathering documents to interviewing potential witnesses and experts in large or commercial truck personal injury accidents, we will leave no stone unturned in your case. It’s important to establish circumstances and timelines of events leading up to and after an accident. That can be crucial in determining who is at fault and how much fault should be attributed to either or both parties. One of the most important things are witness statements, either through depositions or written statements. These details are necessary to paint a picture of the event, so the case is more than just a matter of one person’s word against the other party. Police reports, insurance policies, medical bills, and medical insurance information are also critical in helping to establish damages in a case. Another crucial component:  testimony from accident experts, people well versed in the average causes and outcomes of accidents that happen in same or similar circumstances.

Your commercial truck accident attorney can conduct such investigations independent of any other party including insurance companies and the opposing side.

We Fight For You

The most important thing is concentrating on recovering from an accident. Our experienced truck wreck attorneys can manage the day to day details of a case in order to increase your peace of mind that everything is being handled the way it should be while you concentrate on getting better. Call our team at Moshes Law so we can start working together on your case.

Types Of Accidents Our Truck Injury Lawyers Handle

There are several types of large or commercial trucks that can be involved in accidents, including but not limited to:  18-wheelers, mack trucks, tow and other flatbed trucks, cement mixers, garbage and recycling trucks. These trucks can be involved in different types of accidents, including but not limited to, collisions (rear end, t-bone, head-on), cars that get caught underneath trailers that ride much higher than the average vehicle, trucks or other commercial vehicles with two or more sections that jackknife, rollover accidents due to improperly loads, and detached trailers or runaway trucks.

Compensation For Your Truck Accident In NY 

As mentioned above, how much you may get for a commercial truck personal injury settlement may vary upon several factors, including no fault insurance and comparative negligence rules. Damages can be separated into two categories:  economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages resulting from your commercial truck personal injury case vary upon personal circumstances.  These are the easiest to calculate, though, because they involve documentable expenses:

  1. Lost wages due to time off to recover or injuries preventing a return to work or limiting ability to perform work when you do return.
  2. Immediate and ongoing medical costs including medical treatment, prescription reimbursement, medical equipment, physical therapy & other rehabilitation.
  3. Property damage (repair or replacement).

This is where information like property values, medical bills and averages on compensation for similar items and cases can help determine what you can get in the way of quantifiable compensation.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages like pain and suffering are harder to calculate than pure economic damages. However, New York is one of a handful of states that do not limit economic or non-economic damages. In New York, an accident must meet one of the qualifying circumstances, including but not limited to:  death (either self or others), temporary loss of abilities that keep a person from performing work, or permanent injury or diminished mental capacity. Non-economic damages can be determined in settlement negotiations or taken to trial to let a jury decide. Common types of non-economic damages include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of companionship/family relations, mental impairment, permanent injury or disfigurement.

How Much Does A Truck Wreck Lawyer Cost 

The overall cost of an accident varies on a case by case basis. However, you can rest assured we will not charge you if we do not win your case. And unlike other firms, the percentage we do charge if we do win your case will still ensure you have a substantial size of your settlement remaining for yourself.

Why Hire Our Truck Accident Law Firm In NYC

What are the three main reasons to choose Moshes Law to represent you in a case involving a motorcycle accident?

  1. Recovery focused:  We have won millions for our clients.
  2. Our “no fee guarantee”:  We will never charge you unless we win.
  3. Around the clock availability:  No matter what time of day or night you find yourself in trouble, there is someone available 24 hours a day when you need us.

Skilled And Experienced Attorneys

The Law Offices of Yuriy Moshes are not like other “assembly line” personal injury firms.  Our attorneys will give your case the individualized care it merits. We have a team experienced in many areas of personal injury law, especially large and commercial truck personal injury cases. To get started with Moshes Law firm, fill out a form for a free commercial truck accident lawyer consultation.

Outstanding Results

Whether in pre-litigation negotiations, or jury trials, we will not rest until we win the maximum amount possible for your case.

Focused On Your Specific Case And Needs

Other law firms handle their cases like fast food restaurants or factory assembly lines:  push through as many cases as possible in the shortest amount of time. This can lead to you not getting the maximum settlement money you are due.  We will not rush your case or give you impersonal, unfocused attention.  Your commercial truck personal injury case is our number one priority.


What do you do if your car accident wasn’t your fault?

If the accident was caused by someone other than you, the first thing you should do when you are able is to consult with an experienced New York truck accident lawyer. They can handle many of the day to day necessities of a truck accident case, especially if you are still recovering from any injuries you received in the accident.

Can I sue for being hit by a semi truck?

Yes,  you can sue the individual truck driver. You also may be able to sue the truck driver’s parent company as well, especially if issues of inadequate training are uncovered.  Under certain circumstances, the truck’s manufacturer may also be potentially liable if defectiver parts were determined to be an accident factor.

How do I file a claim against a trucking company?

Documentation is the most important thing.  You will need a paper trail to help establish your case (police reports, accident scene photos, medical bills, witness statements, etc.). This is where consulting a commercial truck accident lawyer will be invaluable for their expertise, to make sure everything is completed properly and thoroughly.

What causes most truck accidents?

A number of factors figure into the cause of a truck accident:  fatigue, negligence, size of load, quality of training provided by a trucking company. To a lesser degree, accident causes can be attributed to outside factors like road conditions or potential manufacturer defects.

Are truck drivers responsible for damages?

It depends.  If the investigation ultimately reveals the cause of the accident was due to factors within a driver’s control (like fatigue. But the outcome can be different if investigators determine the cause was due to factors beyond a driver’s control (like weather or unforeseen road conditions).

How long does it take to get a settlement after an accident?

Compensation will vary from instance to instance. But good compensation will cover current and future expenses stemming from the accident.

Speak With A New York Truck Accident Lawyer 

Many large or commercial truck accident cases are too complicated, with all their moving parts, for a single person to handle. You need an expert commercial truck accident lawyer in your corner fighting for you and the settlement you deserve. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your case is in the best hands possible. 

moshes law

You deserve to have someone else on your team handling legal matters related to your case while you focus on other, more important matters, like your recovery and working on returning to your job, if your accident keeps you out for a time. Get your case started by calling the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, or filling out an online form for a free consultation. 

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