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What to Know About Employer Vaccination Requirements

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What to Know About Employer Vaccination Requirements

With the omni variant quickly dominating the headlines this holiday season and with the COVID-19 virus still being a very major threat, whether you’re a business owner or an attorney, it is important to be aware of the current vaccination requirements for employers in New York City.  This is particularly important as the mayor of New York City has taken a tough stance when it comes to vaccinations and whether or not business can operate.  Accordingly, this article shall quickly address the highlights.

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Information for Businesses

Starting 12/27/21, all employees in New York City who deal with any type of interaction with the public must show proof of at least one dosage of vaccination in order for them to continue to work.  In order for a business to allow that employee to work, the business owner must produce some type of record or documentation that their employee has already been vaccinated. 

In addition, employers may require proof of such vaccination from all of their employees that they are in fact vaccinated.  Asking for proof does not infringe upon an employee’s right to privacy.   

Furthermore, each business must openly post an Affirmation of Compliance in front of their business on display to the general public.   

Exceptions to Vaccination Requirement

There are exceptions to the vaccination mandate.  These include those employees who 

  • Work remotely “from their own home.”
  • Do not interact with the public during the course of their employment
  • Only enter their workplace for a “quick and limited purpose.”
  • Work as performing artists or as athletes.  This exception also includes those who accompany such performing artists and athletes.

Enforcement and Penalties for Noncompliance

Any business who fails to comply with these vaccination requirements are subject to an immediate $1000 fine and are then subject to increasing penalties for each continuing violation thereafter.  This may even include being temporarily shut down.

Accordingly, if you are an attorney or business employer, please consider the above NYC vaccination requirements and proceed accordingly.   Moreover, in order to stay current with compliance, it is important that each business maintain a written vaccination record of each employee so that if questioned or if required to produce documentation, it can be done so easily. 

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