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A wrong turn or a wrong step can lead to a lifetime of pain.  Spinal injuries can happen anywhere, anytime.  The severity of the injury dictates the level of care needed, which can potentially run into the hundreds of thousands, if not more.  When it comes to fighting for the money and care you need for a spinal injury, you need an attorney in your corner who will fight for everything you need and desert.  Fill out a form to talk to one of our New York spinal injury lawyers.

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New York Spinal Injury Lawyers Representing Victims 

Spinal injuries are some of the most complicated injuries to recover from and for many, to live with the rest of their lives.  Some may recover completely.  But others deal with life long complications.  You could face coping with chronic skeletal or nerve pain, or worse, you could be faced with a lifetime of partial, or complete, paralysis. 

Some spinal injuries have no fault to attribute, save for natural or degenerative cause.  However, if you are dealing with a spinal injury resulting from someone’s negligence or deliberate act, you need a New York spinal cord injury lawyer who will put your best interests first and fight for your quality of life.  When your accident is caused by inattentive or willful misconduct, navigating the system on your own to make sure justice is served can be a complex-nerve wracking process.  The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center states that more than 57 percent of those with spinal injuries were employed at the time of their injuries.  Less than 12 percent will return to work a year later; that is about 39,480,000 people out of the entire population of the United States.  The cost of ongoing care can add up over the course of your lifetime.

Cases We Handle

We have years of experience in going to bat for you regardless of the cause of your injury, and our experience as spinal cord injury lawyers in NYC is second to none.  Other attorney offices claim to help scores of clients in their personal injury cases, but those firms have an “assembly line” mentality:  process the most amount of cases in the least amount of time.  This line of thinking cuts corners and leaves many potential areas unexplored when it comes to planning out the most thorough strategy possible for your case.  Our spinal cord injury lawyers put in the time and individual attention needed for your case, no matter how long it takes. 

Injury Areas

The spine is the “highway” along which nerve signals travel throughout the human body.  Compress, contuse, or even sever that “highway” and that can impede your ability to move and function normally.  Where your spinal injury occurs can impact your recovery time and quality of life.  The higher up on the spinal column the injury, the more potentially severe and long-lasting the effects of a spinal cord injury may be. 

There are two types of spinal cord injuries:  complete and incomplete.  Incomplete spinal injuries range from contusions to a partial severing of the spinal cord.  Complete spinal injuries indicate a total severing of the spinal cord, with a complete loss of movement below the injury site.  When an injury happens between vertebrae C1-C4, a patient may need assistance communicating, breathing, moving, or performing basic bodily functions on their own.  Perhaps the most famous example of a quadripeligic is the actor, the late Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed in a horse riding accident in 1995.  He died nine years later in 2004 from ongoing complications from his accident.

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Areas (Location) We Serve

Based out of New York City, Moshes Law has a staff of qualified attorneys with extensive experience in both the state and federal court systems.  Our attorneys are licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Florida, with particular emphasis in New York and the New York City area.  

How A Spinal Injury Attorney Can Help

Victims suffering from spinal injuries need an experienced attorney in their corner to fight for their right to care and compensation, especially if long term or lifelong care is needed if the victim has trouble caring for themselves.  How exactly can a spinal cord injury lawyer help you?   

We spare no time and expense when it comes to resources to make sure you get everything you deserve.  This includes utilizing experts in many areas to maximize the chances with your case:

  • Medical experts well versed in spinal cord injuries, their causes, and your chances for as complete a recovery as possible
  • Long-term care experts who can testify to the costs and potential issues if you face long-term or life-long care after a spinal injury
  • Financial experts with experience in how spinal cord injuries impact your livelihood, as well as experience in medical, union, retirement and other benefits
  • Career experts who can explain why you may or may not be able to return to the same or similar line of work to which you were trained and accustomed to working

This leaves you worry-free and able to concentrate on your recovery while we do all the footwork and heavy lifting.

How We Achieve The Highest Compensation For You 

The severity and complexity of the case dictate the best course of action in handling a spinal cord injury case.  Insurance companies and other defendants know the cost of recovery and care could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more than a million dollars.  They will do what they can to limit or lowball any payout to victims.  In those cases, sometimes the best strategy is to see your case through to trial.   

Spinal Injury Compensation Claims Process

The process for compensation starts with hiring the right New York spinal cord injury lawyer.  

  1. Hire a qualified spinal injury lawyer in NY.  They ask you questions and go over the details of your case to help you determine exactly what your case needs to get started.
  2. Case research begins.  This is the stage of the case where you’re spinal injury attorney will start gathering and looking into the specifics of your case and consult with experts.  This stage will help determine the avenues of recovery and compensation best for you.
  3. Talk with insurance companies involved in the claim.
  4. Decide on settlement out of court or going to trial.  

Every case is different and unique.  To determine exactly what your case needs, fill out a form for a free consultation to discuss your case with one of our qualified spinal cord injury attorneys at Moshes Law Firm.

Main Causes Of Spinal Cord Injuries

Nationwide, there are more than 10,000 new spinal injury cases every year.  The injuries range from nerve damage that people live with varying degrees of impairment and functionality to complete quadriplegia (loss of feeling and movement in both arms and legs).

Automotive Collisions

The biggest cause of spinal cord injuries are car accidents.  The force and direction of a crash can lead to anything from simple whiplash to severely damaged or pinched nerves, or worse.  If your accident is caused by another negligent driver, they can be liable for your accident.

Bike Accidents

Bike accidents have the potential to be more serious than car accidents.  The weight and size of a person is much smaller than even the average small car.  A bike rider does not have the same covering protection as a person riding inside a car.  Also, bike helmets do not shield a person’s neck and back, leaving them open and unprotected.  As with car accidents, if your accident is caused by a negligent party, they can be held culpable in your accident.


Slip and fall accidents can easily damage the spine.  Older people are particularly vulnerable as their balance and mobility may not be what it was in their youth.  Potential areas of liability include areas with wet or other slippery spots, stair falls, improperly secured cords, mats, or carpets, among other things.

new york spinal cord injury lawyer.

Sports Injuries

Spinal injuries can be sustained during sports activities, especially high contact sports like football, swimming and diving.  Areas of liability include insufficient training and equipment maintenance.

Acts Of Violence

You can also potentially sustain spinal injuries during the committing of acts of violence:  fights, shootings, among other things.  These are much easier to assign liability as they are not accidents but willful, intentional acts by another person or persons.

When Can A NY Spinal Injury Lawyer Pursue Compensation

A spinal injury attorney can go after the liable party in a spinal injury case anytime, especially if it looks like you may face months or years of recovery and loss of the way and quality of life to which you were accustomed.  There are time limitations in many states though in which you can pursue a liable party for personal injury.  In New York, the statute of limitations to pursue a personal injury case is three years.

How Much Is A Typical Spinal Injury Settlement In NY

There is no “average total cost” for a spinal cord injury.  The cost of treatment and recovery vary greatly, and from case to case.  Many more severe spinal injury cases can be worth over one million with the right attorney working for you.  

Some of the larger cases in New York have netted the following settlements or jury awards:

  • Lopez v. City of New York (2021):  Raoul Lopez was awarded $6 million in pain and suffering after being shot in the neck by police during a traffic stop.
  • Barnhard v. Cybex Intl., Inc. (2011) A 24 year old physician therapy student was awarded $12 million after a weight machine fell on her.
  • Stewart v. New York City Transit Authority (2011):  A 47-year-old man suffered a fractured spine and herniated discs after slipping and falling down subway stairs.

Damages fall into two categories:  economic and non-economic damages.  Types of compensation include lost wages, current and anticipated medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Emergency Medical Expenses

Emergency medical expenses include anything for immediate treatment following an accident or intentional act of violence.  These include injury stabilization at the scene of the accident, transportation to the hospital, any emergency surgeries and medications to stabilize your condition and alleviate any pain.  Certain medical equipment may also be needed for immediate care following a spinal injury.

Ongoing Medical Treatments

Around 30% of spinal cord injury victims are hospitalized more than once at some point during the course of their recovery.  The average hospital stay is almost three weeks.  Commons reasons for hospitalization include bed sores, respiratory, digestive and musculoskeletal maladies. 

Lost Wages

It is a given any accident that takes you out of the workforce for any length of time will result in lost wages.  Lost earnings can be recovered in compensation through other means including disability insurance, social security disability, and possibly workers compensation if your spinal injury accident happened on the job.

Property Damage

If the accident or intentional act of violence damages your personal property, like your car, that property loss or damage can be calculated into the total cost of your damages.

Pain And Suffering

Non-economic damages are harder to calculate than more concrete figures like medical care, lost wages, and other purely economic damages.  The good news is New York is one of a handful of states that do not limit economic or non-economic damages.  Common types of non-economic damages include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and mental impairment.

Call Our Spinal Injury Lawyer In NY For Help

There may seem no end in sight to recovery right after a spinal injury.  However, having the right spinal injury attorney on your side can help begin to get your life and quality of life back as much as possible. 

Our experienced spinal cord injury attorneys want to help you with your spinal injury case.  Visit our website at www.mosheslaw.com to set up a free consultation to discuss your case.

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