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Wells Fargo Faces Allegations of Improper Mortgage Charges and Abusive Sales Practices

Wells Fargo is the defendant in a lawsuit in which a homeowner is alleging that the bank improperly charged thousands of customers across the nation to lock in interest rates when there was a delay in their mortgage applications. Comments from a foreclosure defense and real estate lawyer New York foreclosure defense and real estate lawyer Yuriy Moshes of the Law Office of Yuriy Moshes.

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Managing Chronic Illness in the Work Force

This week, Necie chats with Alex Umansky, Esq. about chronic illness in the work force. How can you manage your illness and treatments, and keep from getting fired? What regulations are in place to protect you? And what changes could be on the horizon due to the political climate?

Attorney Umansky believes the changing political climate is leading to an increase in workplace discrimination in a number of areas, including those who are ill. He will discuss the issue, and your rights under the law.

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Illegal Things Landlords Do & What You Can Do About It

Renting a new apartment can be an exciting experience. However, it can also become incredibly stressful — especially when there’s landlord drama involved. Whether you like it, one of your landlord’s goals is to make money. Unfortunately, in some cases, that means he or she might engage in illegal activities. If your landlord has been making your life miserable, depending on the behavior in question, you might be able to fight back and get some peace of mind.

Sexually harassed by your landlord? What you can do

At first, we thought it was just the “casting couch,” where creepy casting directors or producers would ask aspiring actors for sexual favors in exchange for granting them a coveted role in a movie or TV show.

But sexual harassment isn’t limited to Hollywood, as we now know. It can happen whenever there’s an imbalance of power, such as in an employer-employee relationship … or a landlord-tenant one.

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